Device OS flash using serial?

Hi ,

We are using bsom modules for our IOT product and all the bsom modules comes out of the box with device OS version 1.4.2
Currently we need to update to the latest devices OS which is 4.0 using DFU mode . Which we have to do one at a time ,so that we thought of automate using a script if we were able to flash it in serial mode.

Is there any way to update the Particle device OS using serial (listening mode) instead of DFU mode ?
I tried to flash using ;
Particle flash --serial bsom-system-part1@4.0.0.bin
It seems like the binary file is flashing to the device ,but the module is still in the same device OS version which is 1.4.2.
Appreciate if someone can help with it .


Yes, you can flash Device OS system-part1 using listening mode (–serial). It’s not clear why it’s not working for you. Getting some particle serial inspect output before and after flashing may help.

However, since you are working with 1.4.2 and later, you can just switch the device mode using particle usb dfu. In general, DFU is better for flashing (except the bootloader and SoftDevice) because the error reporting is better, so you should use DFU if you can.