Device OS 4.2.0 LTS is now available

Originally published at: Device OS 4.2.0 LTS is now available - Particle Changelog

Device OS 4.2.0 LTS is now available with bug fixes and improvements:

  • Lowers power consumption on R510 cellular devices (BRN404X, B404X, and E404X) when idle and in sleep with cellular standby mode.
  • Fixes a bug that can caused serial data received by a Gen 3 device (Boron, B Series SoM, Argon, or Tracker) to be lost.
  • Adds 64-bit support to Logging, sprintf, JSON, and other locations.

Full release notes for this Device OS release can be found here.


Did Verizon connectivity ever get added? Haven't seen an update.

@BrettMargo It was added. Unfortunately, I will only speak for myself, I was led to believe it would be available to everyone. It is only available to Enterprise customers AFAIK at the present time. Last I was told, they hope to add it for all in the future. I would not hold my breath.

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Yep definitely not holding my breath. I saw they added it for Enterprise customers which is about as useful as them not adding it at all.

Particles justification that it only improves connectivity on a limited number of devices is flawed because they don't account for all the devices that aren't deployed to a large number of places because there isn't AT&T or T-Mobile coverage.

NTN LTE will fix this eventually but until then we're out of luck.

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That is not the only logic that is flawed. I have had numerous people pass on buying my product because it uses AT&T. So, I am caught in a catch 22. I can't afford to become an Enterprise customer because I don't sell enough product. Can't sell more product because I am not an Enterprise customer.

I have to drive to a remote location to test my devices before I send them out the door because I can't always connect to AT&T from the office.

Agreed, we are out of luck.

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That's annoying. Have you tried using a higher gain antenna? Some of our customers have had success with these in remote areas. Even if you only use it for testing could save ya some driving.

It is very annoying.

I have tried some other antennas without success although not this particular one. I'll try anything at this point!

Thank you

I believe it's SMA male so you'll also need an SMA to UFL adapter cable. Double check that though. I always get confused between SMA and RP-SMA.

Noted. thank you