Device OS 3.0.0 is now available

Originally published at: Device OS 3.0.0 is now available - Particle Changelog

Device OS 3.0.0 is the first formal release on the 3.x feature development branch.

  • Increased maximum data size for publishes, variables, functions
  • BLE legacy pairing (passkey) support and other BLE enhancements
  • Improved cold and warm boot behavior on B5 SoMs and Trackers
  • System power management improvements
  • OTAv3 on Gen 3 platforms allows for updates to continue across sleep-wake cycles

Full Release Notes are available here. The 2.x LTS branch is still active but will receive bug fixes only.

Is this 3.0.0 an LTS?
If not should we expect a 2.1 LTS with those fixes?

Only even major version numbers will be LTS.
Actual fixes should go into LTS versions but LTS is typically feature-frozen hence I’d not bet on new features like legacy pairing and or mere “improvements” making it into that.

However, there might be factors that may allow for “extension” of otherwise frozen features :wink:

I was mainly thinking about all the bug fixes and especially longer messages considering the new pricing structure.

Some bug fixes, yes.

Not the larger publish size. There will be a LTS version with larger publish size, but that will be 4.x LTS, not 2.x LTS.