Device OS 2.0.1 is now available

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Device OS v2.0.1 is the latest release on the LTS 2.x branch. It resolves minor issues discovered in our first v2.0.0 release and improves the reliability of the upgrade process from older releases.

Notable improvements to Device OS 2.x include:

  • During a Device OS upgrade, Electron / E Series and Gen 3 devices will now flash the boot loader as a first step triggering safe mode to reduce the risk of incomplete updates
  • OTA updates of Gen 3 devices to this release from Device OS prior to v1.1.0 no longer requires an intermediate update step through Device OS v1.1.0

To learn more about the full list of changes and improvements included in Device OS v2.0.1, view the complete change log at our GitHub releases page for Device OS.