'Particle Update' to LTS?


Just a question. With the new release of the LTS deviceOS, does Particle have any plans to add a CLI command to do particle update to the LTS branch? Maybe add a flag to the “particle update” command?

particle update historically has always been “Update your device to the latest Device OS release.” but updating directly to the newest LTS branch can also be benefical for enterprise developers. I know an option would be to manually download and flash the OS binaries but an “update-to-LTS” command seems really handy.

Any thoughts?


As far as I’m aware, particle update does bring a device to the latest production version. I just updated my Photon to 2.0.1 via the CLI. Have you updated your CLI? particle update-cli ?

Hello Marek,

Oh no, don’t get me wrong. ‘particle update’ brings me to 2.01 just fine, no problems here. I am wondering about in the future when we are let’s say, on OS 3.x which is not LTS. I assume ‘particle update’ will always bring us to the latest and greatest and not LTS.

My question was about adding an LTS tag to the update command or a seperate command.

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I believe particle update will continue update to 2.x LTS, even when 3.0.0 is released.

There could be a new command or option for the new development branch (3.x); the specifics have not been decided yet.

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Ah got it. Okay sounds good. Just wondering since I was going by the CLI documentation:

Update your device to the latest Device OS release.

Thanks for the clarification.