Device IDs got swapped on Particle Server

Hi, I’m seeing something really odd with the main Particle server

I left last week for a work trip and my photon was connected but now it’s not connecting

  1. I had a photon hooked up to your cloud with an ID of 27002d001547343339383037. I know this is the correct ID because I have it saved in my database.
  2. I had a P1 with an ID of 2C0040000547343337373737
  3. Somehow these two IDs got switched around because (I’m watching the dash) when I plug in the photon, the ID of the P1 is shown as connecting.
  4. The Photon just sits in a blinking cyan state now.
  5. I don’t physically have the P1 right now so I can’t test with it.

I also ran particle identify and the Photon is showing the 27002d001547343339383037 ID.

Ok… I just plugged in the device this morning and it connected correctly. Did somone fix this on Particle’s end?

To give more context, this issue was also reported in the Slack channel to prevent duplicate effort on solving the same issue. (double posting is not really recommended)

Yes, I didn’t get any traction there so I posted it here.

It’s now “resolved” but I would be a bit concerned with the server code if I was working for Particle.