Device diagnostic and connectivity issue

How to solve this problem
i am using particle argon development board

also again again

Device is running debug firmware which does not support OTA. Reflash Device OS using Workbench or CLI (particle update)

this error comes up when flashing from web ide .
publishing event too fast can be the reason for these???

and also sometimes device cloud connection restart automatically while their is no error in last vitals and in doing the run healthy check , it show like this

If this still in connection with your BLE project then you need to consider that the BLE scanning will severely impact the devices ability to react to cloud calls due to the controler being occupied with the job andWiFi and BLE share the same 2.4GHz radio band.

To answer on questions like this, we’d need to see your code.

Then how should i proceed .
Like in my project i want to publish all the data to cloud when i found the beacon .
But on doing so beacon gets disconnected from cloud and then tries to reconnect and gets connected .
But i want the smooth connection with cloud.

Also declaring event as public or private will only have impact on its accessibility not anything with maintaining the cloud connection.
And any suggestions on what things i should do to maintain my cloud connection smooth