Argon bricked or issues with Particle's cloud?

Hello all,

my Argon is correctly connected to the WiFi network (slowly flashing blue, listed in the Particle’s cloud console).

However, pinging it via the console says the device was unreachable, and flashing any program via the web IDE says the flash was unsuccessful (request time out).

“Viewing the device” on the web console waits forever for events.

Device 0S is 0.9.0. For now I was able to flash it once.

I reset it multiple times (mode + reset, release reset, wait for the LED to blink white, setup the device via the app) without success.

Is it related to the Particle cloud or is it on my side ?

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That’s probably due to your code making the device unresponsive.
The device can still be connected but so busy that it won’t immediately service your requests causing some time sensitive requests (e.g. ping or flash) timeout.


that is very likely since I ran the TCP Client example :

So it is stuck in the for(;;); loop. I though holding mode + reset, releasing mode, then releasing reset when the LED flashed white would factory reset it ?

If you change that to for(;;) Particle.process() the device will stay responsive even then.

Nope, that only works on the old Spark Core that way.

Good to know for the Particle.process() method. Maybe the TCP Client example in the doc should be updated to avoid this kind of situation ?

Regarding the factory reset, the documentation is misleading then:

So if I want to be able to cloud flash my Argon again, I should put it in “Safe mode” ?

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That is the important part in the factory reset docs

While the Core by default came with a factory application firmware installed, that’s not the case for Mesh devices (for reasons unclear to me).
Only after installing such factory image it works as expected. Hence this

It won’t wipe the current firmware if there isn’t anything to replace it with.

Yes to that.

Putting the Argon in “safe mode” (purple LED), I was able to flash it again, thank you.