DEV IDE does not connect to Serial - Windows 10

My system has suddenly stopped connecting to Serial under a Windows 10 for debugging purposes.

It was working until a couple of days ago.

I can use Particle serial from a command window.

Windows Device Manager shows the device on a COM channel (3 devices have shown up on COM3, 4, and 6 respectively) and the same channel is shown on the serial terminal.

DEV IDE Serial terminal shows the COM6 device but it will not connect. the same behaviour is seen on 3 different Photons.

Have re-installed cli without any change in behaviour.

Any ideas would be most welcome.

If you have Windows 10 and your Photon/Electrons all have 0.6.0 or later, the best option is to remove all of the old Particle serial drivers. With Windows 10 and 0.6.0 a custom driver is no longer needed and the standard Windows CDC driver can be used and it generally works much better.

Unplug the Particle devices and do this step to remove old drivers. Only do this step - do not do the next step to reinstall the drivers with Windows 10! Make sure you remove the driver for hidden devices as well.

Then plug in your Photon and let Windows configure the driver for it automatically.

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Thanks Rick - that did the trick.

Now I can get back to testing your DMA based ADC.

I have used your simultaneous dual version to test the effect of a filter on a pressure sensor used for monitoring cystic fibrosis patients during exercise.

I was in the process of adapting your single channel version for use in the manometer when this problem arose.

I will be interested to see how easy it will be to adapt the DMA technique to the Boron/Argon/Xenon’s when they arrive mid year.

Thanks again for you support- much appreciated.

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