Dashboard question - pricing plan for developers?

Dear Particle,

some time ago you promised special pricing plan for developers working on a product creation,
and having just few devices in the dashboard.
And I just have another justification for not wanting to pay 50$ per month for this -
you just released 0.5.0-rc2 with the fix for HTTP softAP, without this working it was not possible to build an HTTP based application including claiming process…
So, 1 month of trial period is really not long enough.

Any news on this ?


Hey there @kefir135.

Thanks for the feedback–we understand there’s a lot of interest for lower-priced developer tiers and are working on an updated pricing model. @jeff has been driving the development of the dashboard and we’d love to collect feedback on relevant features that would be included in this pricing tier if you’d like to share them!

Hi @will , @Jeff

I’m thinking of a very simple pricing model - full featured, every functionality included, just limited to for example:

  • 1 user
  • 10 devices (or 5 devices, or whatever small number)

In such a model you can be sure nobody will use it for a final product, while everybody will be able to use it for product development.
Price - up to you of course, but free would be nice :smile:


Sorry @will I think you have the wrong Jeff.

Oops I meant @jeiden!


I would also like to see such type of pricing model as mentioned by @kefir135

Here are some more feedback by me:

Pricing model may follow current system ‘1 month trial’ where all features will be available without any limitation but there may be additional options like–

In last week of trial period, there should be two options.

A. Continue to current plan ($55 per month).

Product creater will choose this option when they’ll feel that their development work completed and they’re ready to handle the customers where all tested users and devices that are already added will be workable without any interruption.

B. Try development mode

Those product creater whose are still in development mode, will choose this option. Their account became limited to 1 to 2 users and 5 to 10 devices (limitation may be like this- first user and first five devices will be allowed in this mode and rest will deactivate unless in this development mode).

When product creater ready to handle the customers, limitation will be eliminate from account & all users & devices will re-activate and billing period will start from that date.

– In this way, product creater can experience and test all features of dashboard without any limitation keyword in first month. When they became familiar with dashboard then they can handle development with 1-2 users limitation.

That is all what I feel. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the thoughts guys! We are still in the process of working through our new pricing structure internally. But this is one of our team’s highest priorities over the next few months.

Once the new pricing structure is finalized, there will be a good amount of work to do to implement it, so I don’t have an immediate timeframe to provide. However, I can assure you that it will address the issues that @kefir135 and @mohitagnihotri brought up.