Dashboard Subscription Prices


Who do I need to speak to to have a review of the Fleet Management subscription pricing? The free access is great, but I really want to work through the productionising process. $50/month is hard to justify with only a few devices to play with.

Can we look to have a ‘developer’ account for say $20 that allows the management of 5 devices? This provides opportunity to work through the process and evaluate the options. Jumping from free (with limited functionality) to $50 per user is a big jump.




Hey @Kevin,

Thanks for voicing this. You’re certainly not alone in terms of how you feel, and our team agrees.

There are plans in the works for changing how the Device Management pricing works. We will share them publicly as soon as details become available. Stay tuned!


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@jeiden - Jeff, let me quote Dan Jamieson, who, asked the same question few days ago, answered:

“On the pricing question, we believe our platform is creating value for product creators while in the development and testing phase and so feel it is appropriate to charge for it.”

Hopefully you are right not Dan !!!


Hey @kefir135. Our goal has been and always will be to match the value of the tools that we build with the prices that we ask for them as closely as possible.

As with anything we do, our current pricing model for product creators was an experiment that we learned from. We realize that charging on a per-seat basis has it’s share of inefficiencies, and that it may not be the best model moving forward.

Rest assured that we’re working hard internally to rework this and will share knowledge publicly as soon as it becomes available.

Let’s wait than :grinning:


Lovely news, looking forward to seeing a pricing model for <100unit deployments, where 50usd/month would mean having to code an alternative rather than use the dashboard.