Pricing model proposal

I’ve just watched the particle interactions sprint 44 video, after noticing the current pricing plan which charges per organization. I totally agree with Zach in that charging monthly per device sucks and this is a much fairer model, but I also agree in that it can be improved and it’s very tough for makers who are just starting. So here’s my proposal:

Charge per organization and per user, but starting from the 100th device or so. What I find very valuable about the particle stack and what I’m totally willing to pay for is the deployment. It’s such a relief to know that I’m going to be able to deploy my latest update to thousands of devices in one click and without the end user noticing. And not only that, but I’ll save tons of hours not needing to load the firmware into every single device in mass production. That’s certainly something I’ll willing to pay for.

But a premium membership just to get access to develop for ONE device? Come on!