Dashboard data usage display not updating

For the first 12 hours of usage I got a spinning circle. Now 0.00 MB in the dashboard. I have used about 1MB 12 hours ago. This will not be helpful for development. Can I depend on your 5MB limit? I don’t know how this could work reliably, considering the 0.00 I’m seeing. I’m a newbie, what am I doing wrong? Thanks for the free data?

and thanks in advance for reading!

The dashboard can take a bit of time to update the data usage. Can be a couple of hours. I’m assuming your doing your flashing OTA, which I’d not recommend. flashing over USB is not only much faster, it’ll also save you a whole lot of data.

I find it worth the convenience for the cost of less than a penny. After implementation I will be doing it this way to prevent removing it from the location. Of course you’re right if you’re uploading often.

Anyone else seeing a 12+ hour delay on the dashboard?

Yea I regularly see 12 - 24 hours times between updates. I have never seen it update by the hour.

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30 hours still 0.00. It’s all Free!

Yep its all free until it updates and you have used 5 MB :smile:

I saw a 1MB jump over a 24 hour period while I was playing around the other day.

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Let’s hope that you are right that is is “until you have used 5 MB”. I still did not get an answer about the question how much you can actually go beyond the limit, if the accounting is delayed. If the enforcement of the limit is also delay by 24 hours, that might be a bummer!!!

The whole data usage thing with the Electron is really a bit worrisome. It is really unclear how much data you are using until you see the dashboard update. And that may be delayed by a loooong time. I understand that every time you do a reset, it will cost you 6 kB (not sure though, how would I test that?). Also it is not clear, if the 6 kB goes to the connection with the cellular tower or the Particle Cloud.

Since my question was not answered for quite a while, @zach, maybe you could chime in here… What happens if I overuse my data volume by a lot and the limit was not enforced because of some delay in your pipeline. Is there a cap? Can you clarify this, please.

I don’t have any of those, so I cannot check :frowning:

I’ve been using my Electron for 5 days now and it still says “0.00 MB used since Mar 2nd”. I’m sleeping and then publishing every 10 minutes, which according to some other thread may mean I’m burning tons of data (mostly on reconnect after sleep). Anyone else seen this still see 0.00 MB after several days?

I’ve had a 1MB limit since the beginning. Something is broken.

I’m gonna bring in @jtzemp to comment on this; he’s most deeply familiar with the way we track data consumption and what might be causing inconsistencies.

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Oof… thanks for pinging me, @zach!

Hey, folks!

If you’re seeing issues, could you PM me your SIMs’ ICCIDs? Alternatively if you send a support request it’ll make it to me too.

Our telephony partner had a brief API outage yesterday that lasted for about an hour, but it shouldn’t have caused this (especially since the thread is a few days old). I’d love to look into any accounts that haven’t been seeing updates and get back to the group.

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So, I set my data limit at 2 MB just in case. Sure enough, it triggered and paused my SIM at 2.17 MB, which now shows on my dash.

I upped my limit to 5 MB and unpaused my SIM, but haven’t fully tested if my usage updates yet… Why? I’ve encountered what I believe to be the ‘bug’ with >25 min of deep sleep, and haven’t gotten back to making my Electron go… But that problem is for another thread.

If my dash continues to act funny, I’ll post here again.

Not sure there’s a bug with DEEP sleep. It should always handshake when it wakes no matter what the time interval. The bug is with sleep() STOP. In 0.4.8 it acts like DEEP sleep. If you do a local build with a newer version, it works less than 23 minutes! But not more than 25?

me too, I don’t know about 12 hours but it was several hours and possibly 12.

Hey, friends!

So, I got a couple of ICC IDs from a few of you (Thanks for passing those on), and dug into this quite a bit yesterday.

We identified two issues and we’ll have fixes in production in the next couple of days.

  1. We have a job that syncs data from our telco partner. We have an alert wired up to fire if that isn’t working right. There were a couple of periods where there were errors getting thrown in that process, and data wasn’t getting synced, but the alert didn’t fire at all. So we’re fixing that to make sure that we get alerted if there is a disruption in the data pull. We’ll be manually watching the data sync metrics more closely until we know the alerts will fire properly.

  2. The Dashboard wasn’t handling timezones properly, so data could get skewed depending on the time of day you were looking at the dashboard. I don’t think this affected people in this thread, but it would have affected people in Asia and possibly Europe as their billing periods ended and a new one started. This fix will get deployed very soon, like Friday or Monday.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue! We try hard to be in front of issues like this so they don’t affect you all, but we appreciate the ping so we can take care of it.



@sbright33, I take it back. Deep sleep is working with >25 min sleep. Looks like there was an issue with my other cloud site not showing the data. It’s working now. I ratcheted my cellular tx rate back from 10 minutes to bulk upload every 6 hours. My dash has bumped from 2.17 to 2.23 MB, so it might be working now too. It will take a few days to know for sure.

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I just got pinged by Corey @ Particle for an update. The dashboard appears to be working now. I am looping on 6 hours of deep sleep and waking to publish a single data value. My dashboard has slowly increased as expected:
3/9 - 2.17 MB
3/10 - 2.25 MB
3/11 - 2.26 MB
3/13 - 2.31 MB


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