Can we see previous month's data usage?

I was surprised to see I went over the 3MB/month data usage. I’m wondering if I had a spike in the last day or two. Is it possible for me to see data usage from prior months?

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It is not possible from the console. However, if you create a support ticket with your device ID and ICCID, we can pull a graph of the daily usage for the last 45 or so days.


Will do. Thanks very much.

On my most recent invoice both of my Electrons were billed for data overage. I don’t think either went over 3MB for the month. Is it possible to check this?

If you want to create a support ticket here they will be able to help you out there!

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Can you confirm if the Data limits are working now?

In the past, I was able to go well over the set 5 MB and higher set limits as if they were not in place.

There are certain conditions where you can go over the data limit, such as using data very rapidly, and during telecom partner maintenance windows, but in general data limits should be working now.

There is an occasional problem where you can get billed for an extra 1 MB (or 2 MB) even if you don’t exceed the 3 MB limit. We can take care of that via a support ticket.