Raising Data usage limits on Dashboard

I have been trying, without success, to raise my 5MB data limit as I am already up to 3.21 MB after a few days of working with my new Electron.

I think I have finally worked out how to cut the data usage by 1) using the CLI to upload firm ware and 20 by NOT putting my Electron to sleep between sending data out. I was hoping to save some power by doing that, but the eelctron uses an alarming amount to data each time to starts up a nd logs in to the cell tower.

But my questions comes from after reading the following in the Billing Guide:
"You can set data limits on each SIM independently, see what your current limits are, and unpause SIMs in the Dashboard."
I have crawled all over the Dashboard but can’t seem to find a way to increase the data usage limit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

David G.

Which sleep mode was the most efficient from your testing?

Sorry I only tried deep sleep…


When the next firmware is releases you will be able to sleep @ 4ma and wake up with none of the high data re-connection issues.

Till then you can still use System.sleep(wakePin, edgeTrigger, timeout) (stop mode sleep) to reduce power consumption.

The only problem with using System.sleep now is that Particle.publish does not work reliably after it wakes up. The publishes just do not get sent. It has something to do with Cellular IP changing while your sleeping.

And even with session move and PR#845 fix I’m still seeing terminal publish failure

@Bpr I’m glad your finding these issues so they can get fixed. The sleep feature is a important one.

Good to know at least it works for 25 min sleep periods now.

Does any one know how to increase the 5MB data limit?
All the answers are good info , but I really wanted to know how to increase the data limit, as I was aware that the sleep problem was being worked on.

Many thanks to all,

David G


You might want to ping @zach, @Dave, @corey for more info on raising the Electron 5MB data limit.

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You can increase the data limit in the dashboard (dashboard.particle.io) - I’ll let @jeiden provide the official answer


@sierrasmith71 if you go to dashboard.particle.io/user/billing, you’ll find a list of your Particle SIM cards. There’s a ‘…’ Icon for each sim.

Click this icon, then choose “Set data limit”. This will open a modal where you can change the limit for a given sim

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@sierrasmith71 were you able to get that worked out?

Sorry…I cant find on dashboard.particle.io/user/billing “There’s a ‘…’ Icon for each sim.” to click on… A picture would be worth a thousand words here…Sorry but I fell really dense right now.

My electron does appear there but…


@sierrasmith71 does that help?

I was right! A picture is worth a thousand words!!! Yes, I finally found that little devil…


David G.

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Thanks for the feedback!