D7 always on, unable to enter safe mode

I just plugged in a photon for what I think was the first time (this one was a gift and I hadn’t used it yet). I have a couple others that work fine. The particle looked like it set up properly, but the app said it was offline and couldn’t finish. The particle was breathing cyan but D7 is always dimly lit. I tried tying D7 to ground as someone suggested and I also tried resetting wifi and safe mode and DFU mode. I am not able to enter safe mode and in DFU mode, the command line says no DFU device found even though its blinking yellow (with D7 still on).

Any ideas on whats going on? How do I fix this?

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Try a another USB port preferably a USB2.0 port. I just got a Photon recently and had the same issue. The Photon didn’t like my USB extension cord either.

I have tried two different USB cords, a direct power supply, hooking into the computer, and a direct 5V to Vin. Always is the same.