Current Master-build won't connect to previously saved WiFi profiles anymore

Just a warning, latest Master does not connect to any of my wifi hotspots again after flashing.
The fix was to re do smart-config for the various hotspots.
Not sure what is the cause of this but just wanted to give a heads up as this was not an issue when upgrading previously.
(I am flashing using DFU if I explained badly)

Hi @Mike43110,

Thanks for the heads up! I was not aware of this side effect, but I know there has been work on fixing a wifi credentials clearing bug, I wonder if this is the cause? I’ll log a bug for this, and if it’s okay, I’d like to tweak the title accordingly:

from “Current Master-build does not connect to WiFi anymore” to “Current Master-build won’t connect to previously saved WiFi profiles anymore”

No problem!

It was quite frustrating initially as I had no idea what was going on, so I thought just giving some a heads up would be useful.

Do tell if you feel that I am not being constructive!

I did not encounter this after the flash but would be fun trying to replicate this! :slight_smile:

I seem to not be able to recreate it anymore…

The only thing that I changed was the cc3300 driver, which I doubt would have affected it.

Previous to that, factory reset -> Connect and test connection -> DFU Flash and I couldn’t connect.

Oh well, while leaving me confused. I can’t replicate it anymore which is a good thing.

Hmm, do you mean you ran the cc3000 patch programmer to update the driver?

Please keep us posted if you see this again, and you’re definitely being constructive. :slight_smile:


Yes, I ran the patch programmer