Core stuck flashing green with newer firmware versions

Support asked me to post this to the forums.

My Core after being factory reset and claimed via CLI will flash green after pushing an empty program through the website using any firmware other than 0.3.4.

The Core had been working fine for months, likely on 0.4.5 or 0.4.6 but it started flashing green one day and resetting it didn’t help. A factory reset and reclaim got it to back to breathing cyan most of the time. As soon as I flash any program, even one that’s empty (void setup() {} void loop() {}) via the website it’ll blink purple and do it’s thing but afterwards it blinks green and regardless of power cycling it never gets back to breathing cyan. This happens with all firmware versions except 0.3.4. One odd thing is with 0.3.4 the call to WiFi.RSSI always returns 2 and causes delays within my program and seems to keep cycling on/off the wifi. This was a simple few line program to check RSSI and publish the value. Without the RSSI call it works fine and can publish reliably. Another odd thing is that 30% of the time I factor reset and claim the device it’ll get stuck blinking green after getting the wifi information.

Overall I’ve repeated this factor reset/claim/flash process about 50x over the last week using various firmware versions. I’m not sure what else to try.

Had you previously applied a CC3000 update and a bootloader update?
I guess you have tried to clear all previous WiFi credentials and reapply them - AFAIK factory reset does not clear the credentials.

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I had awhile back but I just tried both of those again with no change in outcome. But I noticed the ‘Full Firmware Upgrade’ option right below the instructions on updating the CC3000 troubleshooting page and it appears to have resolved my issue. Thanks.

I’m still getting 2 for rssi calls but I’ll open another thread for that.

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