Current from 3.3v pin

The Datasheets indicate that the 3.3v pin on Photon can supply 100 mA but the Electron can supply 800 mA. I am surprised at the difference. Is the Electron figure accurate?

I will be moving to the Boron/Argon/Xenon in July. Are figures for 3.3v current capability For these boards available yet?

Yes, the Electron figure is accurate.

On the Photon, 3V3 is generated by the RT8008 regulator, which only supplies 600 mA, and the Photon may use up to 500 mA of it.

On the Electron, 3V3 is generated by BQ24195 power management controller, which switches between VIN/USB and battery. It just has a much larger capacity.

The specs for new boards haven’t been released yet so it’s hard to say what it will be able to supply. But since they have a LiPo battery connector, they’ll need a charge controller, but it may not be the BQ24195.

Thanks. I await the 3rd gen figures with interest.