Cores + VM Superhub

Been trying to connect my two cores to my local network today with no luck. I’m running a Virgin Media Superhub.

Every time i try and connect either of them i just get a flashing blue light followed by the connection on my PC failing, before re-establishing itself and the app (on Android HTC One) states that it can’t find any cores.

Checking the logs on my Superhub i see the following occurred

Tue 31 Dec 18:29 65255 44 TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan

I’m guessing it’s just flooded the router and it’s basically cried and stopped them connecting. Has anyone had any luck with the VM superhub or shall i just go the USB route?

I would recommend using the USB to supply the WiFi credentials and get the Core on the network. You can then backtrack and debug from there.

Righteo…even though that doesn’t appear to want to play ball. Using Putty on Win8, driver installed but putty doesn’t want to connect, just beeps at me and doesn’t tell me whats up…i’ll try arduino route instead.

Right…since i can’t use Putty im using Arduino. I can connect to the core, i can get it to tell me it’s id, I can then get it to let me input the SSID, but it never pops up with letting me do the password. Just sits there handing on SSID with anything else i type in just going in the ssid section.

Any ideas with that?

Yes, you need to send an endline character to get the SSID. In puTTY, pressing enter will give you an endline character, but in Arduino there’s a drop-down menu that determines what the enter key does. I don’t have hardware with me so I’m not sure what the right selection is, but play with the drop-down menu and it should give you the results you’re looking for.

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Doh, knew it was something simple! thanks. And connected!

edit: sneaky spelling mistake

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Another "Super"Hub user here. I Received my Core yesterday and when I try to connect the router actually crashes and reboots. I am also seeing the “TCP- or UDP-based Port Scan” message in the log file.

I will try connecting via USB later.
It’s a crappy router, but I’ve not seen anything crash it before!