Core gets credentials and changes to "Breathing Cyan" but iOS says "No Cores Found"


Am I hitting a known issue or has anyone else seen this on iOS? I will keep trying but it feels like time to post…

I’ve seen a similar post for Android where there was no Wifi password. I’m using iOS and setup a subnet just for this using WPA with a password (there are non-alpha characters in both the key and SSID). The subnet is 192.168.0.x hard-wired through my main 192.168.1.x net with a TrendNET TEW432BRP… then onward to Verizon FIOS… The phone and core are on the same net, the phone can browse this site, and I can see the core with MAC: 08-00-28-56-ee-8e.

I am able to assign the network credentials to the Spark Core using the iOS Spark Core app as well as the TI SmarkConfig app. The core immediately changes from flashing blue to solid, blinks green for 5 seconds then definitely changes to breathing cyan… The Spark app runs for about 3 minutes and then will eventually say “No Cores Found, try again”, while the TI app never stops spinning and crashes after 10 min or so…

My PC is windows 8 and not getting USB to work either-- drivers are installed but Putty just gives me a blank screen on any port I try–but I haven’t exhausted rebooting and the like. I’ve also got a second core I will try out…

A few questions:

  1. Any other way to get the core ID without USB? Can you see it or my core’s MAC address on your server?
  2. What’s the device name for using the TI Smart Config? It is set to CC3000 by default
  3. What does DFU look like, vs Listening Mode, are they the same? (Blinking blue?)

Any advice is appreciated…

I’m on windows 8 and couldn’t get Putty to work either but i did with using the Arduino IDE:

and following the helpful instructions here:

and here:

basically select newline in the drop down menu before you type in teh SSID and click enter.

I found though that in order to connect to the cores after i got them to work via USB was to go into the app, let it to try and connect to them and then click back in the top left, it loaded tinker and i could see the cores. But thats on Android, can’t imagine its too different on iOS.

Hey All!

When using putty, make sure you’re connecting on the main ‘session’ screen, and not on the ‘serial’ screen. It’s very misleading!

HAH! Win 8 USB over Putty solved… it wasn’t broken.

I guess I’m used to seeing some sort of prompt on the serial connection, but it was opening fine with a blank screen. I read the tutorial wrong and was expecting to see the output of the “w” command on connect.

Instead, the connection opens a blank window and then waits for either “i” or “w”…

Now I’ve claimed the core but am on to next issue getting a 403 when I try to flash, but that will be in other threads. I never got iOS to work…but I’ve been meaning to get an android anyway.

Thanks everyone!

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Is there an answer for question 2 here?

I’m working on getting SmartConfig setup through my own app and wanted to confirm this.

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I went through the spark-android app today to find the answer.

As seen here the spark android app uses the form of the constructor which implies a default ackString of CC3000, as described here.

Happy Hacking!

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