Core will not connect to internet

I have an ASUS RT66U 802.11ac router (wireless-AC1750). My laptop, iPads and other network devices all work just fine. My spark core will only flash blue. I’ve held down the mode button to clear memory and even did the factor reset (hold mode while holding reset). I have the spark core app on my IOS 7 iPad. I try all network SSIDs I have (2.4 & 5) and it always comes back with TRY AGAIN. My router is an OPEN SYSTEM there for there is no password to type in.

I’m using windows 8 and putty will not find the device on COM1. 8N1 9600 baud.

Any clues as to what I should try next?

The spark core used wireless b and g. Where as most laptops and mobiles will be using n. Can you check that b and g modes are turned on in your router?

I have a dual band router similar to yours so hopefully that fixes your issue so I know for when my spark arrives.

There is usually an option to select certain modes or all modes. Especially in newer ac routers which often support every class down to wireless b

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I’m fairly sure the b and g are good to go. I have an iPad 1st gen using this router as well. I was able to connect under putty and now have the green flashing light, but it won’t connect to my wireless.

Flashing green is when it is attempting to connect to the wifi. It may be an issue due to the router having no password set and the spark thinking it needs one. Maybe try setting a password to test it and then remove it again if it doesnt work?

I put a password in and that took care of the problem. I guess NO password isn’t an option. Sad that can’t be an option.

Its most likely because the wireless has to send a password to the router in the connection code. As the router doesnt need one it gets sent a blank signal, which the router doesnt know what to do with so just lets the connection hang in case its a wifi connection flood attempt.

Glad it helped

@Jedd, we’re aware of this bug with unencrypted networks and are working on a fix–thanks for helping us understand it. I’m glad that you got it working on your network in the meantime, though! We’ll be sure to publish once it’s fixed.

Will the notification be published in the forums or somewhere else?

It has been posted on the new blog, with a fix for this I believe. Thats where new update information will be released you can find the link to it under the resources tab of the homepage

@Jedd just as follow-up, @bigjme is absolutely right, and the direct URL for the blog is