Core is flashing cyan, could not claim

Hi, after connecting via USB an entering WiFi data my core finally flashes cyan.

Now I couldnt claim my core at I did read my Device ID via USB and entered it, but it says “Could
not claim core”

Android app didnt work.


I am having the same problem. See:

Hi @Gerbaum,

Is it ‘fast flashing’ or is it 'breathing; -> like the large led in this video:

its fast flashing.

Pretty sure its a problem with my router.

First it was flashing green, than i uploaded the new firmware manually, and I got to flashing cyan.

Its a good sign that the Core is flashing cyan, confirming that the WiFi credentials were entered correctly.

In order for the Core to be claimed, it first has to successfully connect to the cloud (indicated by a breathing cyan pattern). Can you observe the cyan flashing behavior and report back? Depending on your internet connectivity, it may take a while for the Core to connect to the cloud. Pressing the reset button when the Core is flashing cyan may also help resolve the issue.

Hi @Gerbaum,

Fast flashing cyan can indicate a problem with the handshake, can you try these steps?