Core is blinking cyan but not getting connected to cloud

My core is connected to wifi… But it is not breathing cyan. It is blinking cyan (with 3 red slow blinks and a few green blinks). I am unable to claim the device, i have already tried both USB as well as android app.
The core had been used earlier from a different account (it has been released from that).
Also i couldn’t find much in troubleshooting guide for flashing cyan case. Kindly guide me with it.

Could your three red blinks be called a burst?
If so, have a search for “red burst” or “orange burst” in the forum.

But since you say “slow” I’m not sure. Could you check if it’s not a SOS code?

Maybe taking a video and posting here might help.

Have a look here, 3 red slow flashes is cloud unreachable. i get this when behind my works firewall, i think the port is blocked…

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