Core blinks cyan and still no core found in android app

My core is blinking cyan and i still have no cores found in android app,I tried to do a factory reset but I failed,when I hold the Mode button and I tap the reset button the led still off and nothing happened and when I release it,it lights in many colors … need your help please …

Blinking cyan? If you have been connecting ok to the cloud, most likely your internet is down…

how my internet is down and I can write this topic ?
it blinks but not very fast,and my problem is that i want to do a factory reset but I can’t

Maybe you meant breathing cyan then…slow blinking cyan… your main question and topic name is like differing :wink:

Well… hold down both button, release only the RST and after 3-4s you see flashing yellow. Continue to hold and eventually flashing white will appear. Only then you release the MODE button.

Just to add, if you are trying to connect to the :spark: core using the Tinker app, you need to flash the Tinker firmware on the core. Otherwise it will not work.

I did this,but there is no yellow or even white lights…when I touch the mode button the led turns off !!

Maybe a video helps for that matter…

Or just download any firmware using Web IDE again before doing a factory reset

I solve it :smiley: the spark was reversed :smiley: it works now :slight_smile: thx a lot