Led indicates normal but core can't flash

sorry to bother again but now really big trouble comes…my core can’t flash any more.
factory reset several times already.
click “flash” on webide while core is breathing cyan, then it is flashing magenta very slowly, then it turns white and start to flash green-flash cyan until breathing cyan again, but the firmware is not changed.
i am trying with the blink led.ino.

Is it a core or a photon?

If you do a factory reset, does Tinker work again?

hi there,
is a core,
yes tinker always works

Can we see your code that causes the problem?
If your code tampers with WiFi or is not servicing the cloud often enough while new application firmware is being downloded (slow magenta flashing) the download will be corrupted and won’t be flashed to flash memory (rapid magenta flashing).

But if you try flashing while your Core is running Tinker, you might like to try a more stable power source (>= 1000mA) and check for network troubles (e.g. interference).

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i was just trying to flash the blink-an-led.
Never mind though, it is working now,maybe the network is not that good yesterday or my core is just too tired~haha