Core has got connected and lost after and unable to connect again?

I have bought one more core and initially i have got connected with internet and also i have done few programs with that but from yesterday while i was trying to do the program it lost connection and i have tried by resetting the core (factory reset) though i am unable to connect with the wifi(i.e it is not blinking cyan).Why these issues are pertaining i can’t understand as i have’nt done anything else.Please help in this regard by solving the issue.
One doubt can core be connected any wifi networks? like i have connected to two networks one at home and one at college.Is this causing the problem?

I feel a little out of place responding to this while having issues of my own, but I think I have answers:

  • If the WiFi went down, or power got lost to the Core, etc. during a program cycle, you will probably need to do a factory reset to regain control of the Core. If the Core LED is not breathing cyan, it is not connected to the cloud, and you will not be able to program it OTA. (For a factory reset: Hold Mode down, tap Reset, and continue holding Mode for 10 seconds. At 3 seconds, the Core LED will start flashing yellow; keep holding Mode. At 10 seconds, the Core LED should start flashing white, after which you can release the button. It will eventually reset to “Wifi Credentials” mode. Give it WiFi credentials, and you should be on your way.)

  • According to the documentation, the Core can have multiple WiFi credentials saved. It can only connect to one network at a time, though. It’ll just pick the first network it can connect to. NOTE: The Core cannot connect to 802.11N networks…only 802.11B/G. If you have an “N” network, however, it simply won’t be able to connect to it (flashing green forever).

My wifi network is of type 802.11n .But initailly i am able to do few programs in that network :blush: !! But now it is unable to connect why does this happens ?

It is impossible for the Core to have been programmed over a network that only supports 802.11n. (I speak from experience: it simply won’t connect.) Perhaps network configuration has recently been changed to N only? WiFi routers out-of-the-box will likely support b/g/n simply for compatibility reasons. Or perhaps the Core was connected to a neighbor’s open WiFi.

Basically, your network has to support B and/or G for the Core to be able to connect. (FWIW, the Photon supports N.)