OTA Programming not working despite breathing cyan

So, I can get my core to connect to the cloud after connecting using USB to directly program the SSID, selecting WPA2 and entering the password - the iPhone app just doesn’t find the core.

I then go online and claim the core.

It starts breathing cyan, but the list of cores never actually updates to reflect when it’s disconnected - even if I factory reset back to flashing blue it says ‘Core Connected’.

Anyway, I digress. I get it breathing cyan, and looking like its connected. But still when I click ‘Flash’ it only actually programs the core (starts flashing magenta) about 1/10 times. I have to reset each time I want to program it.

Any suggestions?

You may need to share your Core ID with @Dave and have him check the logs :wink:

Heya @NanoAkron,

I’m happy to check the logs for you if you like! Try doing a factory reset on your core to get back to stock Tinker, and then doing an OTA update. Right now it’s possible for user firmware to interfere with the OTA process, so that might make things easier. The “Core is Online” has a half-life of a few minutes if your core disconnects suddenly, but I’m hoping to bring that closer to realtime in the future. We’re also about to roll out an update for the CC3000 Wi-Fi module which should help it stay online on very busy networks, which should also help with OTA flashes.


I have had this extensively at times. I found that putting a delay(200) or more in the loop really helped, as did putting more delays in the serial handler if I was reading from the serial port. I don’t know if this actually fixed it, but it seemed to really help.

Ensuring that the background tasks have a chance to run seems to be important. Of course I could be totally off base here too, seeing solutions which do not actually work


Me too: Paragraph 1 is my experience and paragraph 2 is my worry.