Connecting Particle E-SOM USB Port (SARA R4) to u-blox M-Center

Hello community,

I'm currently working on a project with a Particle E-SOM that features two USB ports: one for programming and another for testing with the integrated u-blox SARA R4 module. I'm specifically interested in utilizing the USB port associated with the SARA R4 module for testing using u-blox M-Center.

I've encountered some challenges while trying to establish a connection and perform tests using M-Center. If anyone has experience with this configuration, I would greatly appreciate your guidance on the following:

*Proper Physical Connection:
What is the correct procedure to physically connect the USB port associated with the SARA R4 module on the Particle E-SOM to u-blox M-Center?

*Configuration Settings:
-Are there specific settings or configurations that need to be adjusted on the Particle E-SOM or within u-blox M-Center to enable successful communication?

*Troubleshooting Steps:
If there are common issues or challenges faced during this setup, what troubleshooting steps would you recommend?

I've reviewed the documentation provided by Particle and u-blox, but practical insights from those experienced with this specific setup would be invaluable.

Thank you for your time and assistance!

The e-series evaluation board design is open source and contains a separate USB interface for the u-blox cellular modem and can be used with m-center. Just follow the same technique for connecting your second USB connector to the appropriate E series pads.