USB data over GPIO

I'd like to have the particle development board as a daughter board on a PCB and connect USB to the main board and connect the data lines to the GPIO pins. I know this is possible with some boards like an ESP32. Can you do this with the Photon 2 or the Boron? I didn't see anything like that in the docs.

Can you elaborate which data you want to "redirect"?
You can use Serial1 instead of Serial to "redirect" serial output from USBSerial to UART.

I'd like to be able to plug USB into the motherboard and have the d+/d- pins connected to the daughterboard. That way you can use the USB wifi setup, serial debugging, etc. I'd just like to send it through the GPIO pins so I don't have to cannabalize a usb cable to plug the board in directly. For instance, you can do this on an ESP32 S3 dev board with pins 19/20

USB cannot be redirected to GPIO.

However for your application I'd use the P2 module for Wi-Fi or B Series SoM for cellular. Those don't have a USB connector (or buttons) so you can just connect and control those directly from your main board.

Thank you!