Connecting over USB is not working (Windows 8, new Photon)


three days ago, my Particle Photon arrived. I read the documentation, was disappointed that there is only app support for ios and android then read how to connect anyway ( and was again a little bit disappointed that it (particle setup) did not work. It quits with the message

No devices detected via USB.
? Would you like to scan for nearby Photons in Wi-Fi setup mode? (Y/n)

After searching, trying and screaming it still does not work. Now I am not only a little bit disappointed. :wink:

In the windows device manager I can see that it is properly installed (Photon COM3) and I can even do particle identify COM3 (A particle setup COM3 would be great :slight_smile: )

Is there anything one can do to get things working over USB?
Thanks a lot for any hint.


Just to be sure: is the device in listening mode (blinking blue)?

Hi Moors7, thank you for your reply. The device is in listening mode. It is blinking blue. I just installed “particle dev” hoping that I will get different results here but unfortunately it is not possible to setup the device neither.


  1. Go ahead and download TeraTerm
  2. Connect to your Photon (COM3, Baud 9600)
  3. Hit the i key and write down the device ID
  4. Hit the w key and follow the on-screen prompts

We are working on making this possible via the CLI but until then those are the steps you need to take

Hello harrisonhjones,

thanks for your input and your help. It is now working. A summary of my steps for other people getting into trouble:

  1. I used particle serial wifi COM3 to set up the wifi data. It seems to be important to answer the first question with yes otherwise the SSID was left blank
  2. After this I was one step further. But I ran into this problem and did all the steps mentioned on this page
  3. Something was working not as expected after this step (sorry, I forgot while fighting with the photon) I gave TeraTerm a try and now it is working as expected. (Did the Hello World and the led is flashing now)

Thanks to everyone helping out. Really hope for others that the setup process will be optimized. :smile:


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@timtos. I’m having a similar issue with Photon on Mac. @harrisonhjones suggested i try it on the Windows and the steps mentioned by Harrison above.
But I don’t not follow your steps in the last post.

Can you please elaborate on Step 2 and 3?

On Step 2, you followed instructions from the link and Step 3 is a little cryptic. Please explain.