Connect Argon to multiple wifi networks

Hi everyone,

I’m attempting to connect my argon to multiple wifi networks. The currently connected wifi is my shop, and I’d like to add my phone as a possible connection when on the road. With the photons, this was easy - I simply used the web interface to reconfigure/add an additional wifi network. I believe it would hold 5 of the most recent wifi configurations.

Wondering if this is possible with the argon? There is no web interface for the argon like the photon, just the app.


I’m highly certain you can use the CLI to add a WiFi network:

# Put Argon in listening mode
particle serial wifi # Add wifi

insane response time! I’ll give that a shot

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Yup, the Argon can store up to 10 sets of WiFi credentials

another angle to look at this would be:

create in your phone a hotspot with the same name and password as your shop wifi, then enable at will when you are on the road and your devices will connect naturally to it.
Good luck!