Cloud IDE Just Crashed

Spark Core Cloud IDE just crashed. Could not save my updates and then all my files reverted to original New Apps.

I tried to reconnect and this is what it says:

Application Error

An error occurred in the application and your page could not be served. Please try again in a few moments.

If you are the application owner, check your logs for details.

It could be a session thing, or something wrong with the code you last had open. Are you about to get far enough in to log out? If not, you could try launching a private/incognito browser tab/window that should give you a fresh slate and try logging in that way. If the private/incognito mode works, try hitting from your non-private/incognito tab/window and logging back in to see if it helps.

Thanks for reply. Its back up now but, how it happen was weird.

It first started off that it would not save my changes - Error Saving.

Then when I hit the back key code I had added disappeared and file reverted to the orig paste I put in the file and saved.

I just check and all my added code to my app files is there. I will start saving my code changes to a backup file locally on my hard drive just in case it happens again.

Sounds like a temporary session hiccup. Maybe you hit some sort of nightly maintenance script at precisely the wrong time. Glad you back up and coding!

Thanks for the report @spydrop, we’ll take a look and see what happened. Glad it’s up and running now, if you run into further issues let us know.

At 11:12pm (CST) I am having another issue with the Cloud IDE. This time, after making change to the App it only takes 5 seconds to verify it; its never did that before.

I have been trouble debugging java script on the server side and it may be a compile issue. I just can’t tell.

I will log in to tomorrow and pickup where I am as its late.

Still love this system. Even if I bricked my Core twice today :smile: