Project is gone

I logged into build today and the project I have been working on is gone. I mean the project is there, but its contents is just an empty setup() and loop(). Nothing else.

Is there any way to restore the last version I had? What backups does Spark maintain?

Very bummed…

Solved, perhaps. I logged out of the IDE and then back in again. My project was back. I copied the source and saved it locally just to be safe.

When I went back to the IDE Firefox was locked up and crashed. After restarting and going back to the IDE the project was once again gone. So I logged out and then back in again and there it was.

Very strange. Could this be related to Firefox? I find that it often hangs in the IDE. Is another browser recommended?

Perhaps @jgoggins could help you with this.
Could you provide as much information as possible about your app? Name, creation date, date that you last had it functioning, date that it disappeared. The more, the better.

Creation Date: Not exactly sure, around the end of December 2014
Last Update: Around 7am EST on January 16, 2015
The last change was to add Spark.publish() of a few variables. Flash was successful but I had not yet had a chance to test the publish feature.
Today 1-17-2015 I started the IDE (didn’t need to log in as I recall, it apparently remembered me) and my project was gone. Just empty setup() and loop() functions. Switching to other projects appeared to be ok, but switching back still empty.
I logged out of the IDE and then back in and the project had returned. Crash/restart/login etc as previously described.
All appears to be Ok now. I am using my original project and another on a separate core and so far no issues.
I hope this is sufficient detail and it helps.

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Glad you hear that it’s working now!
Thanks for the info, it might help figure out what’s going wrong (if it’s something on the Spark side).