Chip antenna vs u.FL connector

My first spark project needs to make a WiFi connection through 3 plaster and wood walls over 60’. Not that I know how to compare them other than direct expeimentation, but how do you think the chip antenna will compare to the Electric Imp? They wrote:
"link budget of ~114dBm under ideal circumstance"
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Oh yeah I remember the Electric IMP… nice device but the one thing I didn’t like about it is it’s not open source.

You might benefit from a high gain patch antenna…
antenna on ebay

sma to ufl connector on ebay

I don’t know much about u.FL connectors, but would I be able to obtain an antenna that works with the Spark by default? Or does it require more technical know-how than just plug and play?

They are plug and play, but most common wifi antenna is with bigger connector and you’ll have to use adapter shown in @BDub’s second link. That adapter cord is excellent if you’ll make a case for Core, because you can easily mount your antenna to side panel of the case.

If you have old and useless wifi routers, they may have usable antennas with that bigger connector and you’ll only need to buy the cheap adapter.