Recommendations for a cheap u.FL antenna

I didn’t realize I’d ordered the u.FL core, so I can’t really set things up until I get the antenna. I’ve been looking around for a cheap one and suggestions.

I did find this from SparkFun -

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That’s one of the cheapest I’ve found online as well, unless you’re ordering in bulk in the hundreds. :slight_smile:

Not as cheap, but a little nicer for mounting in an enclosure and more gain:

Adapter Cable $3.95

5dBi Antenna $8.95

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Digikey has this antennas which is a bit cheaper and you can buy them in quantity of one. But I guess it depends on shipping what it all will end up at


Digikey offers First Class USPS mail for small orders, and it usually works out very well as you can see here shipping to IL

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Great recommendation, @BDub! We’re hoping to be able to provide u.FL antennas designed for the Core through our online store in the future, so we’ll keep you posted if/when those are available :smile:

ok day 1 of open box of new core, attempt the easy 1,2,3 at
Game over before it starts … Need to have an antenna to connect (i bought the ufl type) BECAUSE I had an ufl to duck antenna from sparkfun.
The trouble is spark core is a male and so is the sparkfun (not the one mentioned in this post , it was assoc. with a gps unit) damn.

Where is the compatible ufl antenna for core? please post the accepted by spark team of where to purchase ?
I will go to the spark store to see if there is one to get so i can move past a stupid blue blinking led.

Dead in the water for now.

@micfiz The antenna option posted by @dkobia above should work just fine.

I am having success with this u.fl to bulkhead BNC pigtail and antenna from eBay. The same seller also has bulkhead RP-SMA and RP-TNC (linksys style antenna) along with non-bulkhead options. Bulkhead is handy for mounting the antenna on the outside of an enclosure.

I did not measure return loss but as a quick test this is working non line of sight through about 150ft of house internals.

Pic of setup (I cannot figure out how to post an image)

@mattande if you upload your image to and then paste the direct link to the image on a line all by itself in the editor window, it automatically inserts an image. Hope that helps!

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Any recommendations for outdoor (and weatherproof) antenna?

@elbeardo I would suggest using a Bud Industries NEMA 4X rated plastic enclosure. Just leave the antenna inside the box to avoid issues with corrosion on the connections.

You can use water tight connectors known as “cable glands” to get your power and signal wires into the box.

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Thanks @BDub. Very useful. Now to get experimenting.

First venture into proper Electronics.


Same experience as @micfiz: ordered the u.fl type, can’t wait to start tinkering after uboxing the beauty, but completely forgot to order an antenna. I’m just going to give this one a shot:


Worked well for us…