How to change u.FL to chip antenna?

I didn’t realize I’d ordered the u.FL core, so I can’t really set things up. What components do I need to rebuild the spark core with chip antenna? Can someone give me a description how to do it?

Thank you, Kai

The easiest way is to buy a small external u.FL antenna.
In order to modify the Core to use a chip antenna, you would need to desolder the uFL connector and solder in:
0.8pF capacitor (C4)
3.3nH inductor (L1)
AT8010 chip antenna (ANT1)

Refer to the design files for more details:

You can also purchase a u.FL antenna, like this:

Thanks for the link

The cable is kind-of long. Any idea if I can cut it shorter?

…and if you have amazon prime, you can get one before christmas (cuz we ALL know that we are gonna be playing with our spark cores this holiday!)

i bought the double kit, and one of the antennas internal threading was junked up :frowning:

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What is exact AT8010 part no?
AT8010-E2R9HAA? it is equal to Johanson p/n: 2500AT44M0400

Plenty of these ( 2500AT44M0400 ) in stock at Digikey:

or Mouser:

ACX part number AT8010-E2R9HAA and it’s equivalent to Johanson p/n: 2500AT44M0400