IS THERE a spark core with?

Is there a spark core with u.FL and a Chip antenna?


good question! The answer is no.

HOWEVER, it’s not too difficult to do it.

You will be able to see the u.fl soldermask label on a Chip Antenna version and all you need it to add it on.

I would think that making a Chip antenna version to Chip + u.fl version is easier.

The chip antenna needed 2 additional capacitors though. Not sure if it messes the u.fl antenna.

This picture makes things SUPER clear :smiley:

Will you give it a try? i would love to do so to my core!!

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To be clear - the CC3000 only has a single antenna connection (no diversity) - so you will only get a good impedance match (important for good performance) when you connect a either a u.FL or chip antenna; not if you try and connect both simultaneously.

If you have a chip antenna unit and wish to convert it to u.FL, and have stock of the correct connector, you should be able to desolder the capacitor and attach a u.FL socket; assuming you have the required rework skills.

The solder pads of the capacitor and the u.FL connector overlap, so mounting both simultaneously will be physically difficult as well as pointless and suboptimal.