Didn't realize I got the u.FL antenna version

I’m new at all this and I bought my Spark from a local shop and didn’t realize it was the u.FL antenna version Now I’m looking at antennas and I was wondering if there is an antenna that isn’t big and bulky. Does anyone know if I can get one that has just a thin wire and doesn’t have to be screwed into a bigger antenna like what is on the back of a router like this one.

would this antenna work?

3G/GSM antenna with UFL connection.
DCS (1850MHZ-1990MHZ)
GPS: 1575.42MHZ
Size: Width: 6.0MM,Length: 35MM Length of tail: 25CM

I’m not an expert, but I would say it doesn’t: you need a 2.4GHz antenna or a WiFi 802.11 antenna and I don’t see either of those in the above list.

Something like this:


would work well.

If you just want to get the thing to work for playing around, stick a small wire about 6.25 cm long on the center of the U.FL connector and hold it on with some tape. Just don’t short it to the outer conductor of the U.FL connector.

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