Cellular in New Caledonia

Hi community,

I have devices deployed in New Caledonia which is technically France I believe. Will I receive cellular service there since Particle supports France? Or is this seen as a different country. The person that built our systems left the company and I am not very technical. It seemed that they wouldn't connect so i purchased some expensive local sims but I feel like Particle could connect there. FYI I am on 2g/3g BRN310 .

Note, a previous employee wrote this post Boron 2G/3G connectivity in New Caledonia which indicates New Caledonia requires 3rd party sims, but Particle has indicated to us they can see that data is going through Particle sims.


The mobile provider for the BRN310 does not indicate that it has an agreement with OPT, the only mobile carrier on the island.

However, it is possible that it works because of a roaming agreement with Telstra, Telecom New Zealand, or Vodafone as described here. If it works, you can generally use it, however there is also a possibility that the local carrier will impose a cap on roaming usage or ban a roaming SIM they consider to be permanently roaming.

Anecdotally, we've seen mixed results in New Caledonia from a few customers. OPT coverage was fairly limited.

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