Cellular Connectivity in Colombia

The Boron devices can´t connect to local Service Provider here in Colombia, so some body know if there are still any issues with the BRN314 being able to connect to Movistar/Claro/Tigo in Colombia?

Check the frequencies that those providers operate on in the 2G/3G spectrum and compare with the frequencies that the BRN314 modem supports.

Assuming that checks out, you will need to set the APN settings in your code.

Good luck!

Hi SammyG

Thank you for your answer. Regardig frecuencies, that is ok for Colombia since the Boron is connect it to network to the begining. According the documentarion I found that the keep alive timer have to be set in order the boron run better because the network close all of the inactive sesions after 30 sec. Do you know if the Particle´MVNO APN is working in Colombia? or which one should be the right APN setting?


Enrique, particle tiene connectivity con Movistar en Colombia.

Mira aquí Cellular carriers | Tutorials | Particle

No se cual es el problema, pero no creo que es keepalive


Si, tienes razon, pero por algun motivo el APN de Particle no lo tienen configurado para mantener las sesiones por 20 minutos y las cortan en 30 segundos, esto crea un gran problema para los dispositivos conectados a Movistar; entiendo que Particle solicitó cambiar eso en el APN de Telefonica hace ya muchos meses, pero no se como va el asunto.

Ah ok entiendo

Puedes mantener el Boron en línea y tener el keepalive por 30 seggundos?