Colombia LTE Support

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It looks like the B524 Ethersim can connect to the local carriers and the modem can support the LTE frequency in Colombia. I don't see official support, but is it worth trying out? I have been on Particle 2g/3g BRN currently using external sim and am considering switching to another platform that has support for Colombia unless I can get LTE to work reliably. I was never able to get the BRN 2g/3g ethersim to work continuously

It looks like the B524 supports B7 (2600 MHz) for LTE Cat 1 on Claro and Tigo, so it will work in some places. The reason it's not recommended is that the B524 cannot connect the the 2G/3G frequencies (850 MHz and 1900 MHz), or LTE B4 (1700 MHz), and thus cannot connect to Movistar. Because of the reduced connectivity, it's not recommended for growth and enterprise, but for developer devices if you have coverage it can be used.

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