Unusual High Cellular Usage

We are encountering a cellular connectivity issue where our BORON BRN310 devices are struggling to maintain a stable connection, resulting in excessive cellular data usage.

We are situated in Rwanda, we have 15 devices deployed across the country, with 10 of them currently online. These devices were deployed in August of last year, utilizing embedded SIM cards on Boron BRN310 devices. Since their deployment in August, we haven't faced any issues until the period between the 19th and 21st of March, during which we began experiencing connectivity problems. We received alerts indicating that some devices are not sending data to Ubidots. As we continued seeing the fluctuation of online and offline statuses on several devices, we decided to inspect the Particle console for any anomalies, but found everything to be unchanged.

On the billing page, we noticed a significant increase in data operation, and cellular usage surpassing 100MB. Consequently, our service is scheduled to be paused on April 4th. This has never happened before from when the devices were deployed.

Attached is a simple analysis illustrating the data operation, and cellular usage on 4 of those devices.

Can this be caused by the 15th March reported connectivity incidents in Africa? Are there some changes that were made on the Embedded SIM card on BRN310?

Looking forward to your assistance regarding this issue.

This link is for our 3 months usage report: usage_report_devices_all_from_2024_01_03_to_2024_04_02_24514.csv - Google Drive

@Support -- is this likely related to the international infrastructure issue that started around that time?

@marekparticle thank you for your swift response regarding our recent connectivity issues and cellular MBs.

Whilst that issue is being resolved, we need to urgently find a resolution as the account will be suspended on 4th April.

Since this issue is beyond our control, we kindly request your assistance in finding the way forward.

Please let us know how we can proceed. Kindly get in touch via emails yvan@kumva.io and kennet@kumva.io.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to your prompt assistance.


Can you please DM @Support with all your findings as above?
Thank you!

@Jufp - I've reached out to @Support team via the email. Thank you!

Hi @Jufp

I emailed @Support last night about our issue, but we haven't received a response yet.

Our devices are currently offline because our service has been paused. We urgently need your help to resolve this issue.

Thank you.

I've unpaused the product, devices should be able to communicate again. Please let me know if that's not the case.

Thank you for unpausing our service. They are back online. Could you please clarify if the unstable cellular connection might be related to reported incidents on March 15th or any changes made to the Embedded SIM card on BRN310?

No changes have been made to any Particle SIM cards.

Connectivity issues typically cause devices to use more data - the more frequent the connection attempt, the higher the usage. We believe this is related to the incident and nothing more.