Boron 2G/3G connectivity in New Caledonia

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I am trying to use Boron 2G/3G for a project in New Caledonia. I have noticed that New Caledonia does not have the cellular coverage according to the coverage map. Does this mean I cannot use Boron for my project at all? Or am I able to use the local sim and connect to the network?

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The Particle SIM card cannot be used in New Caledonia.

It appears that there is only one mobile carrier there, Mobilis by OPT, and there are numerous stores where you can pick up a SIM card.

The Boron 2G/3G can be used with a 3rd-party SIM card, but there are caveats:

  • The Mobilis SIM card has a PIN of 0000. You must remove the PIN for it to work with the Boron; you can do this by putting the SIM in a phone
  • You have to put the SIM in a phone anyway because you activate the SIM by sending a SMS from it to a specific number.
  • After that you can put the SIM in the Boron, run firmware to select the external SIM and set the APN to IM.
  • There is no Particle support for 3rd-party SIM cards, and no guarantee that any 3rd-party SIM will actually work.

This page has a lot of information, but I do not know how correct it is. This one is good too.

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