Global network of cellular carriers

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Wanting to setup a Boron on Cellular in Alaska. When looking up what carriers Particle uses, I can only find the statement “global network of cellular carriers”. Can you give a little more detail? I know T-mobile DOES NOT work in that area. AT&T is marginal at best (which I assume Particle uses). Verizon is fair/good but as far as I know, not GSM which I understand Particle uses?? Cell maps don’t work well in Alaska unless you are on the top of the mountains.

Names of US carriers would be helpful.

I will be developing the software in the lower 48 (Kansas) and taking it to the remote site in Alaska.



The Boron 2G/3G normally uses T-Mobile with the built-in Particle SIM. But it can use Commnet Wireless, Alaskan Wireless Network (AWN), Cincinnati Bell, Immix, Manx NA, NewCore, Union Telephone Company, Viaero, Bug Tussel Wireless as backup carriers when T-Mobile is not available in the United States.

The Boron LTE with the built-in Particle SIM only uses AT&T, and can only be used in an area with AT&T LTE service. It won’t work in AT&T roaming areas or areas with 4G (HSPA+) or 3G.



That is what I needed.