CasaSee - Inexpensive Home Monitoring


This is a project I’ve been working on time to time for over a year now and feel it’s at a point where I can push it out to anyone interested in working on a home monitoring solution with very little investment.

CasaSee uses the Particle Photon on a swap-in/swap-out mount and components that monitor temperature, humidity, motion, and has interfaces into a reed switch sensor to trigger a relay. I use it to close the garage door when it’s been open too long or after a certain time. There is also a hardware switch to disable the toggle of the garage door if I’m hanging out in the driveway late at night.

The project is completely Open Source - both Software and Hardware. Board designs and schematics are freely available for you to fab your own boards and modify at will.

The code is working, but not optimized. There are bugs but for the most part it works as designed. I’m not an fluent C programmer, and the code will show it. Hopefully someone or some people will find the project interesting and pick it up and run with it.

The same goes for the hardware. I learned as I went - so I’m sure there could be a lot found that’s not optimal. Hack away if you want!

The project is one out of need to address a need with folks who get seriously ill. I’ve been close to families who needed to go to hospitals for months at a time and needed a cheap solution to keep an eye on their house. This was developed to do just that. I hope some day to get to the point where these could be given to those in need for little to no cost.

To Do:

  • Modify the code to modularize it into individual include files.
  • Swap out bigger components for SMT that are easy to soldier.
  • Work on the code to fix bugs, make better debugging, and better integration into new IoT dashboards.

Lastly, I do have boards to purchase (very limited quantities for now, but I’ll order a lot more if there is interest). If you wish to support the project, please order one. If you want to play around and fab your own boards, the EagleCAD files are available. If you want to help with the project, I’ll take all the help I can get!


Thanks for reading!


Thank you for sharing your hard work!