Remote, cheap, monitoring solution

BobG and I have been working on a remote monitoring solution with the Particle. We have it working with some cheap wireless sensors from China. The sensors cost about $8, have a range of about 100’, and the battery is supposed to last for a year. You could put a separation sensor on your door and have the PCore be in some other room. We’re looking for people who want to play with this setup. If you’re interested, email me.

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@JSchrempp, Are those sensors $8 “all-in” and can multiple sensors talk to a single Core?

I’d love to cover my house with something like that if it’s cheap and it works. What do they sense and what’s the accuracy? Temperature, humidity, light level, sound level?

@id628, We put our project overview docs on GitHub

We’re working on getting our code up there too. @BobG is going to put together a PCB so we can get away from all the breadboard wiring; that will be good. Hopefully one board can support both the Photon and the Electron.

We’d really enjoy having other people collaborate with us on our whole house (or whole anything) monitoring system. Send us a note through these forums or through GitHub.