Garage automation replacement

After spending many months maintaining a piecemeal automation system in my garages (sonoff switches + circuits on breadboard) I decided to combine everything into one system using a Photon. I finally got the pcb’s back from manufacturing and the system works like a charm. Controlling 2 sets of lights, 2 garage doors and monitoring the state of 3 doors. I also added an I2C socket where I have a BME280 connected to monitor mainly temperature and humidity.
I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier - it would have actually saved me a lot of time and energy :slight_smile:

I also provided connections to 3 ADC inputs and the DAC output so that I may use the same board for other generic projects.



interesting project, you even added a fan? Is this because you noticed the photon heating up or just for precaution?


Thanks Gus. The photon is definitely not heating up - the fan is only there because the circuitry raises the internal temperature a few degrees and causes the BME280 to have an incorrect reading. The fan sucks air from outside and blows straight onto the sensor which is not reasonably accurate (to within 1 degree according to my thermometer).


makes sense, I was wondering what offset would the temp have, and seems like you have that under control.

How do you control this? Blynk?

Also, are you able to share the files for future visitors, if you want?

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Hi Gus
Blynk is an option in my code but I have not activated it. I am using mqtt to communicate with nodered and then actually using nodered to talk to the Blynk server. I did it this way as I have various Tasmota boards which communicate the same way and I wanted to be consistent.

I am attaching the files that I have for anyone else who would like to look: The pcb is exported from EasyEDA which is where I do my layouts.

The code listing uses the softAP available from the Photon website as is.


Hope this may help someone.


PS. How do I add a file attachment to a post here?

Very interesting project, and nice to see you putting together your own board. Can you elaborate a bit on the overall design thoughts - for example i see unused pins for a light sensor? Ever thought of selling some of the boards (bare is fine)?

Thanks @gktozer. From the outset I knew I needed to control 2 lights (2 relay outputs) and monitor 3 doors. I thought that I may as well provide for extra pin inputs so that I could use the board for other future projects so I brought all the extra pins to the screw header. Because I am an Instrumentation engineer I often monitor analogue signals and so provided for access to 3 analogue inputs and the 1 analogue output on the screw terminal as well (I have a PID project I am busy working on).

The I2C terminal header was added for any I2C device really - I am currently using a BME280 sensor but this could be swapped out for anything (display, etc).

As for the LDR: it was added as a simple way connected to analogue input 0 to provide for a daylight switch for the relay outputs if needed. I am not using it as I turn the lights on as and when I need to but this board could be used as a simple daylight switch as well.

As for selling I have never given it any thought. I may think about it but I would be worried about the legal ramifications if someone gets hurt as there is 220V on the board.