Finally got my home temp/hum/light data published! :)

Finally got Photon publishing the data after the 2nd-to-last sensor arrived today. Happy about that.

I got the finally sensor today also, but I am very unfamiliar with it, it might take me some time to get it published too. In any case, it is an air particle counter.

In any case, besides bragging about this (I know, I know there are TONS of them out there), I wanted to thanks those that helped with code samples and questions with problems that I encountered.


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Nice channel! I’d love to gauge your interest in being a beta tester for our machine learning API for advanced processing of your data. Our recent post has all the details for free access.




I will give this a try tomorrow. I am going through the data sheet now of the air particle counter… Hoping to get through it so I can try to add it to the data sent to thingspeak. :smile:


Are you building a “clean room” for experiments!


Hello Michael.

No, no clean room. Just doing this because I want to. :smile:

Also, I looked at your product but I don’t see how I, or you, would benefit from my participation. I appreciate the offer though. :smile:


np @EricBrian

Good luck with the project!