Can't get out of safe mode :-(

I seem to have broken my Argon. I tried particle update, and for good measure particle doctor. In both cases it would come back flashing green, and then slip into safe mode. On the console, the device appears to be connected and its vitals are good. This was supposed to be my “get an OLED to work” day, but it’s turning into a “rescue my Argon” day. Any help would be most appreciated.

Hi Michael- Oh no! Can you try using this JTAG to restore your device? Let me know if that works.

That link led me to a discussion of particle update, so I decided to just try it again, followed by particle flash --usb tinker, and this time it worked. I am back in business – thank you!

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Oh yes, the JTAG is down a bit on the page. Glad you’re back in action!

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